Monday, 27 June 2016

Stare - Shame

Have you ever noticed someone looking at you or even staring at you?

I'm an adult so at least if I feel uncomfortable, I can move away, give a look back or say something, but what if you can't speak or don't realize that the stares are aimed at you . . .

I've worked in an area where staring is all people do but if you catch their eyes while they stare they'll quickly look away in shame.  When I worked with amazing individual children and adults and I'd catch a look I'd just hope it was only me that caught the look and not the special kind-hearted child or adult in my care. I'm also a Mammy currently of a typical three year old and I've thread these boards before.  So I've seen the side glances, heard the hushed remarks, but honestly I take them all with a pinch of salt. Frankly if the noise of my three year old screaming over a toy she cant have is annoying you; move away.  
I understand we're all guilty of staring at the unusual, hands up I've done it but I've tacked, I look at the beautiful the strange.  If my children ask a question about someone or something that may to them look different, I'll explain it to them or if I need to I'll ask the person themselves how they would like me to explain.
OK so why am I talking about this?

I innocently bought these dummies for Mini Miss recently in Dealz for €1.49 I thought the were funny and herself thought they were so cute.  Little did I realize the stares my little girl would get.  We walked around Galway city for the day and when Mini Miss was in her buggy she had the dummy with the moustache in her mouth most of the time, it had being a late night the previous night.  As we meandered around the shops more and more we noticed people staring sometimes some would say ah that's so funny or love it; both fine.  But when they stared in at Mini Miss she'd grunt and hide into her buggy, granted she was a bit cranky but the fact she had to turn her face away indicated the person had being starring to long.  One man in a shop, a charity shop came out form behind the counter to see what was on her face he said to me what's that?  What if my child had some kind of permanent mark on her face, I was stunned to think he came out from behind the counter to look into my child's buggy.

People please have some sense we are all different and beautiful in our own unique way, so yes it was only a fun dummy this time but next time you stare it may be what makes that person, it may just be part of them like your freckles, your hair, your eyes, your thin lips, your big lips, curve no curves, YOU, beautiful individual flawed you!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Keel Beautiful Keel

Cars packed we've narrowed down a laundry basket full of toys and a box full of toys to two neat backs packs.
 Tent  - check
Sleeping bags - check
sun cream  - check
midgie spray - check

And we're off, but where to?  It being the June bank holiday and you not being able to book camp sites in advance the frantic phone calls start, but alas if we can make it to Achill before 1 o'clock we are guaranteed a spot,     GO GO GO . . .

We arrive and the wrestle with the tent begins it only takes us half an hour to put it up, hubby is next to useless, note for next time just put it up alone I'd have it done in half the time.  No pegs don't go in that way there suppose to hold the guide wires; quay lots of sighing!  The "help" also from the 3 and 5 year old was truly invaluable ; quay more sighing and added heavy breathing.  Once all is up and our home for the next two days is sorted I take a step back and take in Keel Sandybanks Caravan and Camping Park ; stunning truly stunning. I'm Irish and I take for granted how beautiful Ireland is there's beach, mountains, green, lakes, sand dunes oh and a circus tent around me breath taking!

I was quickly taken out of my tranquil state with request to head to the beach so swim suits on and off we went.  I kid you not but the water was warm, I'm still investing in a wet suit but I was refreshed from my dip in the ocean. Mini Miss and Little Red Head loved it jumping over waves and chancing them to the shore.  Tired out for the whole of five minuets we headed back for food, which featured alot on our camping trip.
We headed on this trip on a very tight budget we spent €42 for camping for two nights then for the food I raided the cupboards at home and filled my many many little containers with food.  I brought our camping stove and on the first night we had spag bol which I cooked at home the previous day and the second evening we had burgers and sausages.  For lunch we had sambos and yogurts and through out the day we had the usual snacks and lots of fruit.  As a treat on one of the days the kids got chicken nuggets, outside the camp side there was a chip van and myself and hubby got soup and of course there was the ice cream van.  In total we spent €30 on food/snacks while in Achill.

Sandybanks Caravan and Camping Park itself is an excellent facility clean welcoming great access to the beach and lots to do there.  On the Saturday night I went over to the toilet blocks and one of the soap dispensers was empty and I thought to myself 'ah that wouldn't be filled now for the rest of the weekend' well I ate my words the following morning, soap dispenser was full again and at no stage were the toilets dirty but they were always busy.  The kitchen facilities were very good fridge filled to the brim but you'll always have that bins were always clean and the kitchen itself clean and tidy.  We didn't use the showers as there was an outdoor one just at the gate when you came in from the beach, but I sneaked a peak a few times and they were always clean.  There was a great entertainment room for the kids catering for baby to teen.  My two had great fun playing the air hockey at only €1 a game and chilling out watching the movie on the tv and of course no trip away would be complete without a playground my two had hours of fun here.

There favorite place was still the beach . . . 

Fresh air is great for the soul and great for putting the kids to sleep, one of my favorite things on camp was chilling at night with hubby playing card and having a drink you just cant beat sitting in the outdoors being eaten by the midgets and having a laugh over my lack of my ability to play 21.  On a serious note we found the citronella sticks great for keeping the midgies away.
Nothing but Class all the way - Rosa in a plastic cup
On our last night I introduced the kids and hubby to smores, they had more fun making them than eating them . . .
I love camping and as many of you know I'm a Girl Guide and I'm camping since I was a tot with my Mam when she was a Guide.  Sharing these experiences with my hubby and kids is something money can't buy, I can't wait for more camping adventures and we'll definitely be back to Keel, Achill as there is so much we didn't do kayaking on the lake, visit the new aquarium go on the many walk and so much more.
All packed up and time for home

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Pillows or Bullets?

I never thought at the age of 33 I would be standing in a chemist totally baffled not knowing what size, soakage, brand etc to buy . . . 
Having previously spoken to a close friend, because believe me this isn't a conversation you can have with just anyone, 'what ones do use, I'm not sure what size I need, I've No idea how to use them?'  I felt confident enough to brave buying a packed and more importantly the right packet. Mini miss looked at me puzzled from the buggy and for a nano second I thought I'd let her choose sure in ten odd years it would be her turn, she may as well be informed.  Nah OK to soon, to soon.  Back to the task in hand I grabbed two boxes non applicator and applicator and maximum soakage, I was taking no changes.  I headed to the till like a pro and placed the items on the counter as if I purchased these every month.
Once I was home the offending items; because believe me the reason I've never attempted to use these things is they scare the bejesus out of me.  I threw them upstairs to be tackled later, much later but not to much later as Auntie Flow was here to say Hi, Oh Goodie!
It's in, no its not in, ah yes it is, it is OK OK, right success I'm going to try and walk now, OK I can feel it, yes I can feel, this is kinda weird I'm not liking this.  For goodness sack women you pushed two babies out this surely should be a breeze 
Clearly not, after an hour I was back to my comfy pillows ahhhh!! Day two; right you little thing your not getting the better of me I'm getting swimming if it's the last things I do.  Oh yes this "experiment" was all so I could go swimming.  After I few messages to previously mentioned friend where we discussed width and insertion methods.  I headed back to the chemist yet again I stood in the same aisle as the day before for a good fifteen minuets weighing up the different products, finally settling on the ones I felt better suited my needs. 
No time for road test; it's in, yup in, feels good still not great but manageable just clinch all will be OK, half way through swim consensuses between myself and friend after quick discussion, I'm not inserting far enough, OK good to know, I'm learning it'll all work out out, goodness the pillows are dame easier to use, but no use for swimming!
Got to say I just love being a women but glad I can laugh about it to  . . .

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ikea Haul

I say Haul it was a mini haul as who new when you can enter Ikea with a mission a list and the major need for a rest before a late night crafting session, (don't ask).  Fast forward an hour a full basket and Im a happy bunny who cant wait to organise her cupboards.

I can't tell you how happy these pictures make me.  Yup I know I lead a sad life but organised tidy cupboards keep me smiling.

These cloth boxes came in three different sizes and it like a game of tetris putting them into the cupboard.

The range you can see in the picture cost €7 for six boxes ranging in size but there is a huge range of different boxes to suit and organising task.

These jars were my other fav purchase of the day, from what I could see they come in four different sizes, tiny up to the big spaghetti jar.  At a starting price of €1 you can have you kitchen cupboards looking tidy and your food fresh for a bargain price.  I started with 5 jars but I'm itching to get back to Ikea to buy more and going to kit out my fridge with them also.  When the food is in them it just looks so neat and clean.

I've being to Ikea now a few times and every time I learn something new here's my five top tips:

  • Plan ahead, go onto the site there is great function where you can make your shopping list
  • Measure your spaces that you are looking to fill
  • Have a budget, and STICK to it
  • Try to go without the children, but if you do have to bring them there is a creche facility
  • Try the food its, nice, cheap and believe me you'll spend hours in the place you'll have worked up an appetite 

Happy shopping

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Pretty Hair V

Ok so if you've read my blog you'll know how his post works at this stage.  I go out shopping; any excuse and I pick up hair accessories for Mini miss.  I love doing these features and Mini miss loves the bag of goodies she gets for her hair.

So this time round here's what we have:
1  Clips from H&M butterfly and stars.  The butterfly ones are lovely and soft the star one your little one would need a decent amount of hair to hold this clip in.

2  This matching slides and bobbins x 2, where bought for valentines, I'm impressed with strength of the bobbins.

3  I can't wait to use the bunny slides for Easter which are from Pennys and the lovely clips and hairband are from my local Wispy's, (discount store).

4  I've yet to use any of these, I'm interested to see what the spring like ones from Penny's are going to be like.  I'll keep you posted.

5  These hairband are lovely and soft and while I do need to hold them in place with hair slides they stay in Mini miss hair all day.

6  I picked up this Tiara in Tiger for €1.50, #bargain

7  And of course some bows, from Pennys, keep an eye out for these packs they always get reduced to €0.50 total #bargain

from the past few months

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Lilac & Moose

I often find myself at a loss when it comes to buying a gift for my children's friends for birthdays.  Three years ago I came across this fabulous company Lilac & Moose who make handmade items like pj bags, bunting, nursing wraps etc.  As I searched the internet for an Irish company that made bunting at a reasonable affordable price, Lilac & Moose ticked all the boxes for what I was looking for and Heidi the owner and creator of the amazing creations is excellent to deal with, professional and her creations are amazing quality.  

As you can imagine I had very specific ideas as to what I wanted on my bunting for Mini miss and her pal Miss brown eyes, but Heidi at no stage made me feel like I was being a hassle or asking to many questions.  The form you fill out takes in all the details Heidi needs and any other questions she may have she gets back to you promptly to make sure she has the item correct.  The wait time for items I have ordered is usually 2-3 weeks depending on what Heidi has in her order book but she is very good at getting things out to you ASAP. 

I would say to check out the Facebook page for inspiration as there is sooooo many pictures on it.   Are you getting married soon or looking to propose maybe, then Heidi has some very chic bunting for you.  Or maybe you've a boys bedroom you'd like to decorate look no further one of Lilac & Moose bunting will  look the part in any bedroom.    

Letters are €2 each unless stated otherwise
Side flags are €1 each for a plain flag
 €2 for appliquéd star, flower or butterfly.

PJ bags:
 €25 and include an appliqué picture and name

Nursing Wraps:
These cover a nursing mother feeding in public places 
They start at €15. I have a few plain and patterned ones

Postage within Ireland is usually €2.50 and bunting comes wrapped in tissue paper

Gift vouchers available

Web site Lilac & Moose  -
.Please note: this article is all my own opinion and I didn't get paid to write this  

Friday, 12 February 2016

Jazzing up the Converse


When I got married Little red head was one and half,  I bought him the cutest little three piece suit, a check red and white shirt and to make the look even more uber cool I spend €45 on a pair of red high top converse.

Now Mini miss wasn’t even heard of when we got married but today we still have the red high top converse and I’m delighted to get more wear out of them.  I felt though that I should get my crafting fingers out and upcylce them a little.  So I changed the laces with lace . . .

What do you thing?  I’m loving them, Mini miss I can’t say is as sold on them, because they aren’t pink, but it's still lovely that Mini miss is getting to wear the shoes her big bro wore to my wedding.